About Us

Nathan and Jennifer Nordby began life as children within a fundamentalist religious sect. Nathan found his way out of the suffocating and fear-based environment by joining the USMC in 1994. Jennifer’s path was slightly different, having married a boy within the sect at the young age of 19. That marriage ended in 1999 just as Nathan was being released from the Marine Corps. Through a terrifying and messy time, Jennifer, too, found her freedom from the painful environment of the church with which she was associated.

Nathan and Jennifer reconnected and married in September of 2001. Together, along with Nathan’s brothers, they embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. Starting a mortgage company in 2003, the young Nordbys willed their way forward and found a measure of success. In 2008, the market crashed, resulting in the dissolution of the mortgage company they had built.

From the ashes of the mortgage business, a new marketing software company was born. The investment in this company was deep and profound, lasting until 2019. Life suddenly began calling Nathan and Jennifer into a deeper level of question and personal work. Even with all of the cultural and societal boxes checked, indicating success and fulfillment, they realized they were neither happy nor fulfilled. The big house, nice cars, successful business, and hard work left both feeling empty and alone. They felt disconnected from each other, a sense of family, and were experiencing a general anxiety and dispassion for life.

In June of 2019, the real work of healing and becoming began. Over a campfire on June 22nd, Nathan and Jennifer decided that they would leave their business, sell their home and everything they owned. They would move their three beautiful children into the mountains to live in an RV to rediscover what life was really about. And so they did. From their commitment to personal discovery, willingness to change, and desire to live a meaningful and fulfilling life emerged a path forward; a path of deep joy, passion for each other, their family, and for the gift of this one human life.

Nathan and Jennifer’s deepest desire is to share what they’ve learned with whomever might find themselves in similar circumstances in their life. There is a way forward into joy and fulfillment. We hope you’ll join us!