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Embark on a Transformative Journey

Unleash your true potential and discover what inspires & fulfills you. We recognize that everyone’s path to personal growth is unique. Our coaching methods & retreats are thoughtfully designed to provide a welcoming, supportive, and enriching environment for those on a journey of self-discovery & healing. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that begins with the age-old injunction, “Know Thyself,” and leads you to fall in love with who you REALLY are.

Unplug From Daily Life

Discover & Connect

At our retreats, we’re all about creating a warm and welcoming space for you to explore your personal growth and self-discovery journey. We take great care in customizing our retreats to match your unique needs and interests, so you can expect a truly personalized experience. Plus, we place a strong emphasis on your physical well-being by incorporating soothing practices like yoga and meditation. Most importantly, we foster a sense of togetherness, giving you the opportunity to connect with wonderful people who share your interests and goals.

Igniting Transformation Through Personal Growth

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Welcome to Metamorfix Retreats, where we’re all about personal growth and the magic that happens when hungry souls come together to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life! Imagine a place where you can explore who you are while connecting with like-minded people, all on a mission to make their lives better. In today’s busy world, it’s not easy to find time for personal growth, so we created Metamorfix Retreats to help YOU transform yourself in a down-to-earth and friendly environment.

At Metamorfix, we know that real growth comes from sharing experiences and learning from one another. Our retreats provide a welcoming space for you to break free from the everyday routine and go on a journey of self-discovery. No need to feel alone on your personal development journey – we’re here to help. We designed Metamorfix Retreats to be a place where we can connect and lift each other up.

Through hands-on experiences, we empower you to break down barriers, be open, and discover their potential. We’re not just another retreat company – we’re here to help you become the best version of yourself. Picture yourself surrounded by a supportive community, participating in workshops, practicing mindfulness, and reigniting your passion for life. That’s what Metamorfix Retreats is all about.

So, don’t wait any longer. Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards a life filled with purpose, connection, and the power to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Join us at Metamorfix Retreats, where growth is limitless, and amazing experiences await. See you there!

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Personalized Experience

Come join us for a wonderful journey of self-improvement! We have special activities just for you, like interesting talks with transformative exercises and calming mindfulness practices. You’ll make new friends and have amazing moments together. Plus, you’ll get to go on exciting adventures, try new things, and stay in cozy places with delicious food.


Discover your sabateurs, outdated stories, strengths, and values.


Launch new ways of being that are true to who you are based on  your strengths & values.


Become the author of your own, fulfilling story that inspires a new passion for life!

Our Core Values

Growth | Experience | Community

Our values fuel growth, build courage, and create strong connections. Embrace the unknown, find your purpose, and enjoy fulfillment. Join us today to start your transformative journey.

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